Customer use of the Polaris RANGER is diverse and far-reaching, ranging from agriculture and forestry to wildlife sanctuaries and conservation; but sometimes the stories that are the most heartwarming are those where a small decision has made a huge impact on someone’s happiness.

Enter York House School and their decision to use the RANGER to improve a student’s educational experience.

Located in Hertfordshire, York House School is a leading co-educational independent school for girls and boys aged 3 to 13, set in a historic listed building alongside modern purpose-built school facilities nestled within a beautiful 50-acre site. A year ago, the Estate Management team chose to purchase a Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Crew from their local Polaris dealer, Taylors Tools, for a variety of reasons, the most significant being its ability to safely transport a student with a medical condition to outside areas of the school; allowing him to join his classmates in the fields for outdoor education for the first time.

Jason Jaekel, Estate Manager said: “The Polaris has truly transformed a particular pupil’s experience here at York House School, which is something we’re very proud of. With specific risk assessment criteria that need to be met before he can be transported in a vehicle, we meticulously tested a range of UTVs and found that, during our test of the Ranger, the safety equipment built into the Polaris was extremely comprehensive. The RANGER XP 1000 has a three-point safety belt which is vital, the seats are also very comfortable, and it rides smoothly over off-road terrain, so we are now able to safely and confidently escort this student, and any other students that need it, around the site.”

York House School prides itself on providing a broad and enjoyable education for its pupils, encouraging wonder and adventure throughout the learning experience; a sentiment that is similar to Polaris’ own “Think Outside” motif. Now, with the introduction of the Polaris RANGER, York House School continues to ensure all of its students can enjoy its extensive facilities—including its multi-use sports pitch and smallholding with rescue animals—as well as its huge range of co-curricular activities and clubs.

The RANGER XP 1000 Crew model features 33 centimetres of ground clearance, along with 27.9 centimetres of suspension travel on the front and rear, smoothing out even the most severe ruts and rough terrain. There’s also a three-mode throttle control switch with standard, work and performance settings for optimal throttle control and performance. Inside, the RANGER Crew features contour-fit bench-style seats for up to 6 riders, as well as electronic power steering and a premium tilting steering wheel.

Outside of student transport, the RANGER has a number of other uses that aid the school environment, including the ability to showcase the school grounds to prospective students and parents with space for up to 6 riders, and offering a transportation option for parents, grandparents and guests in any weather.

Jaekel continued: “We’ve fitted a full cab with a roof, doors, and a heater system, so we can take guests on tours in all weather conditions and temperatures, maintaining a high standard of comfort whilst showcasing our fantastic facilities. Not only that, we have previously driven parents and grandparents to the far fields so they can watch their children or grandchildren playing sports from a safe and warm environment – the tip-out windshield helps to see everything from the comfort of the cab.”

When it comes to estate work across the 50-acre site, the RANGER comes into its own, easily accessing every metre of the school’s grounds thanks to its on-demand all-wheel drive. In contrast, its Versatrac Turf mode feature that unlocks the rear differential and drives just one rear wheel means that the Estate Management team can drive on the sports grounds without marking or tearing up the grass, also meaning the team can access these areas in all conditions without concern; even in the wet.


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